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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Notes from Sep. 28- Oct. 4

Last week's (September 28, 2005) meeting of The Recording Club featured songwriter/Fox music president Robert Kraft. Robert is known to many for his many successes as an executive- where he has overseen about four trillion movies (I think the number he gave was actually 400+), but he is also a very respected writer of songs= and someone who knows what he is talking about.

Robert's assignment as teacher for this past Wednesday was to give his thoughts on song structure and he sat down at the piano and ran through a song he wrote on the spot- as well as demonsrating a Coldplay song he admires (click here to watch some of the video of Robert).

Along with Robert, and The Recording Club's usual friendly face Tom Rothrock, we also welcomed Donray Von. Donray is a music manager and has worked with Outkast, Cody Chesnutt and he has promised to be a regular around these here parts.

This week, The Recording Club is asking participants to start their own blog by going to

It is easy and it takes very little time and is the first step toward having all students able to have their own web presence.

So if you haven't all ready gone yet- go now- and we look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday!


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