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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

This year's version of The Recording Club

This year's version of our Wednesday after school program The Recording Club is slightly different.

This year The Recording Club has expanded so that Mr. Bruning's seventh period advanced electronic music class is also The Recording Club- except that those in the class get a grade.

Mr. B and I have been putting together a curriculum that incorporates elements of the afterschool program. Now this just means students have more options- students can take the class... or be in the afterschool program... or both... or neither.

Mr. B worked hard this summer to totally redo the electronic music lab- and with some donations for Apple Computer and M-Audio, we have outfitted 40 stations (which are networked) with the ability to use Logic 7 Pro, Reason, Live! and Sonar.


Here is a picture of Tom Rothrock and Lionel Brown alternately pose and ignore the camera.



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