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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Mic Position, Labelling tracks...

If you are going to be recording singers/rappers:
ideal thought is to have a hand between the microphone and the performer so that the pinkie is touching the mic and thumb is touching the performer's mouth.
This is just a basic premise to try to keep in mind.
We always want a level to stay OUT OF THE RED- and above, say halfway.
So if it is a 1-10- we want it to be between around 6-9.
If someone is quiet, turn up the level.
If they are too loud, either:
a) turn down the level, or:
b) back up off the mic
Yesterday, I showed everybody that whenever you hit "New Tracks"- you should try to always label them by double clicking on the track.
I am as guilty of being lazy as anybody- but if you simply label something "lead vocal" or "guitar"- you will save yourself time down the line when you are mixing and looking at a bunch of wave forms and wondering...
what track is that that just say "Track 3?"
Sooner or later you will learn:
the pros are the ones that label...
the rest are the guys trying to figure out if that wave form on track 3 is a guitar or a lead vocal.


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