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Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Recording Club is back.

Ok, so we had a good first meeting yesterday where we demonstrated Reason to everyone.
For those interested in downloading a demo version of Reason, you can get it here:
Next week we are going to listen to some songs and start with song structure- how to make a song and how to recognize some of the ways they are made.
in the upcoming weeks, you will be learn about song writing from these people:

- Smokey Robinson
- Richard Rogers and Larenz Hart
- Irving Berlin
- Outkast
- Randy Newman
- The Beatles
- Gabe Kahane
- Joni Mitchell
- Leonard Bernstein
- Cole Porter
- John Hartford

And if you don't know who they are yet...
go google them.
Anyways, practice away on your Reason. Learn how to get the basics down. and next week...
we will start learning how to write songs!
If you have any questions or wanna email me- hit me here:
I look forward to seeing you all next week.


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