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Monday, April 03, 2006

R-R-R-Rahzel in the club.

Wednesday March 29, 2006...

The day we welcomed the undisputed beatbox champion of the world.... RAH-ZEL!!!!

He came, he saw, he beatboxed.

Rahzel talked and answered questions for nearly an hour (he stayed for the entire three hours) before we broke into recording and beatboxing and freestyling- see video below of members of The Recording Club rapping to the boom bap with Rahzel.

Among the highlights were Rahzel's points to keep your minds and your ears open.

Rahzel talked about the need- if ANYONE has a dream- to work hard so that it can become a reality- making his point that with hard work, there are no limits.

Rahzel told us of working with the Roots, Beck, Bjork, Savion Glover, the soundtrack to "Let's Go to Prison!" that he and I just worked on (his first movie soundtrack)- but his main point was that by keeping himself involved and excited about all forms of music and being open to possibilities, all sorts of different opportunites can happen.

Rahzel is a really inspiration- even Mr. Miller stood up and took notice!

Our thanks to him for becoming a member of our club.

A.D. goes for his:

Freddie rocks the mic right:

Lionel Represents:

Tiffany tells everybody what's what:

And just so you can FEEL the energy! Go here:

See you on Wednesday.