the recording club

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Mixtape!!!! Itunes!!!! Tiffany gets a publishing contract!

Hey everybody,,, the recording club is baaaaaack!!!!!

K, so for those who know...


We gotta get cracking.

So you know, I want to have the mixtape up and on iTunes in time for Christmas- so it's time to start getting tracks finished.

This year's version of The Recording Club is a step forward. This year, our kids are more on top of it and more determined to finish songs. The past three years has seen the Jack Elliott Music Project give away over $100,000 worth of technology and training.

This year, through a generous grant from The Johnny Mercer Foundation, more kids will be able to expand their repertoire through digital recording and exposure to computers. And this year, from a musical standpoint, the kids are using the technology AND real instruments like never before to create recordings that will shock and amaze.

This is really exciting- it isn't just beats and boasts... this is taking it to another level. Go watch video of last week- think about a young Eddie Hazell on guitar... and soon... the Recording Club will have it's first mix tape up on iTunes... with the benefits going toward buying more computers and getting kids to college.

and here is Alex and his gals... as they start the process of deliberating how to share one set of headphones for four people... while Patrick helps Brit get it right.




Tiffany started out in Recording Club two years ago and graduated from the Music Academy last June and it didn't take our pal Tiffany to get noticed as she signed a publishing contract and is on her wayyyyyyyyyy! (AND... Tiffany is studying composition this semester at Santa Monica College too!).

Seriously, I could not be any more proud. Tiffany is a tremendous talent and she is taking the time to not only practice her craft professionally- she is continuing her education and making herself a better musician so when she gets more opportunites, she will be prepared.

Way to go Tiff.